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FOGOS - Decision support tools for integrating fire and forest management planning


The Workshop on Decision Support Systems In Sustainable Forest Management is co-organized by the Lasige laboratory and is of fundamental relevance to this project, focusing on all aspects of Decision Support Modelling


Wildfires threaten people, destroy urban and rural property and damage forest resources. Yet forest and fire management planning activities are carried out mostly independently of each other. The aim of FOGOS is to develop scientifically sound methods that can be used by the public administration, non-industrial forest owners, industry and non-governmental organizations for enhanced integration of forest and fire management planning activities.

Methods and tools that may confront the complexity of forest and fire management planning encompass (1) fire occurrence probability models, (2) fire damage models, (3) fire spread models, (4) fuel and stand growth and yield models, (5) stand-level management scheduling models, (6) forested landscape management models and (7) information and decision systems as technological support platforms. FOGOS involves a new approach to integrated forest and fire management planning by developing, testing and combining methods and tools (1) to (7).

Emphasis is on integrating stand-level fuel treatment scheduling and landscape-level management planning to target socioeconomic and ecological objectives while sustaining effective fire prevention levels. For that purpose, three Portuguese forest areas will be selected as case studies based on their ecological and socioeconomic significance:

  • Leiria National Forest, a maritime pine public forest.
  • Vale do Sousa, a diverse forested landscape with multiple non-industrial private forest owners (NIPF).
  • A group of pulp mills’ properties where eucalypt is predominant.

Further, countrywide national forest inventory and annual burnt area mapping data will be used as input to the proposed research.

Research Team


Funded by: FCT (PTDC/AGR-CFL/64146/2006)

Project Award Amount: 123123.00 €

Start Date: 2007-06-04

Duration: 36 months


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The Forsys project is gathering information for General Forest Management Decision Support System Design, to which this project strongly relates to


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