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The Information Management research line at LASIGE investigates data processing problems with a focus on systems for data analysis, information integration and user access to large volume of complex data from heterogeneous platforms.

Current research topics span:

  • Text and data mining
  • Information Retrieval
  • Web archiving and search
  • Decision support systems
  • Geographic information systems
  • Mobile systems
  • Information visualization

Research Team

Ongoing Projects

The following XLDB Team research projects in Information Management are currently active:

  • EPIWork : Developing the framework for an epidemic forecast infrastructure
  • MobileAR - Mobile Augmented Reality
  • niuGIS: Plataforma Avançada para Harmonização de Informação Geográfica
  • REACTION - Retrieval, Extraction and Aggregation Computing Technology for Integrating and Organizing News
  • SInteliGIS - Intelligent Geographic Information Services.
  • VisMobile - Mobile Information Visualization, Adaptive Visualization, Context-Awarness.
  • VIRUS - Video Information Retieval Using Subtitles.

Ongoing XLDB Team Activities in Information Management

The following networks/activities take place:

  • CIDS - Calculating citation impact discerning self-citations

Past XLDB Team Projects and Activities in Information Management

The following projects are now concluded:

  • XMLBase - Researched analysis, design and implementation methods for systems for semi-structured data management.
  • ADRIANE - with Público, sponsored by the PRAXIS_XXI Program.
  • BDSIG - sponsored by CNIG.
  • Digital Deposit - sponsored by Biblioteca Nacional.
  • GESTINF - sponsored by Banco de Portugal.
  • FOGOS - Decision support tools for integrating fire and forest management planning
  • GeoVis - Visualization of Geo-referenced Information
  • GReaSE - Geographic reasoning for search engines
  • FTH-Grid - Fault-Tolerant Hierarchical Grid Scheduling
  • GReaSE : Geographic reasoning for search engines.
  • OPTIMISM - Opinion Text Mining from Social Meshes

The following activities are now suspended:

  • Tumba! - Search engine and archive system for the Portuguese web (in Portuguese)
  • Linguateca-XLDB - Distributed resource center for the Portuguese language
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