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The POWER SPARQL endpoint handles SPARQL queries to the POWER ontology.

The SPARQL manual from the W3C is a recommended starting point to learn how to formulate SPARQL queries. The POWER SPARQL endpoint is hosted by a Virtuoso Universal Server and the ontology is developed by the Reaction project.

Please address your feedback to Silvio Moreira

Query Form


Example Queries

  • List all the presidents of the republic (who have a moderating power) and their mandates since 1976:
PREFIX power: <http://xldb.di.fc.ul.pt/xldb/publications/beta/power.owl#>
SELECT ?name ?mandate
?x a power:Politician .
?x power:isReferredBy ?en .
?en power:name ?name .
?en power:hasType power:BirthName .
?x power:servesMandate ?mandate .
?mandate power:mandateIn ?pre .
?pre power:hasPower power:Moderator .

  • List all the political parties :
PREFIX power: <http://xldb.di.fc.ul.pt/xldb/publications/beta/power.owl#>
select  ?officialName ?party where {
    ?party a power:PoliticalAssociation .
    ?party power:isReferredBy ?name .
    ?name power:hasType power:OfficialName .
    ?name power:name ?officialName

  • List all the mayors and their mandates
PREFIX power: <http://xldb.di.fc.ul.pt/xldb/publications/beta/power.owl#>
 SELECT ?mayor ?mandate ?county
?mayor a power:Politician .
?mayor power:servesMandate ?mandate .
?mandate power:mandateIn ?county .
?county power:hasPower power:Executive .
?county power:hasScope power:Regional .


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